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Thank-you for booking your party at Baloo’s Soft play.
Please take a moment to study the following guidelines to make your party more enjoyable.

Once you have secured your booking with a 50% deposit the following should be noted:

A) If you cancel your party booking with more than 30 days from your booking date, your deposit will be refunded as this will provide Baloo’s enough time to allocate the party booking to another customer.
B) If you cancel the party booking with less than 30 days from your booking date, your deposit is non-refundable, as Baloo’s may not be able to rebook the party booking to another customer in time.
C) The outstanding balance for the party is required at least 7 days prior to the party, you will be notified by email regarding the outstanding balance. To pay the balance you can either
• Make payment online using the link in the reminder email
• Drop in Baloo’s, and make payment by either card or cash
• Telephone Baloo’s and make a card payment over the phone.
D) Please Note:
• Should you subsequently increase the number of children attending your party, we will need a minimum of 3 days notice prior to your party date to allow for the kitchen preparation to ensure we can cater for all children.
• Should you subsequently reduce the number of children attending your party, we will need a minimum of 7 Days notice prior to your party date of the intended reduction to allow for our refund process. We are sorry but Baloo’s cannot process any refund where we have not been informed of the reduction of children attending.
• Please advise your guests – all adults enter ‘free of charge’ however any siblings (aged 1-12 years old) not on the party guest list will be charged our usual admission prices.
E) Additional party invitations can be collected from Baloo’s reception, if required, or downloaded from
Your party day has arrived!
Party parent/s to arrive 10 minutes before the party is due to commence so we can confirm the guest list with you in preparation for welcoming your guests. Please encourage your guests to arrive on time – we can then direct them to the allocated seating for your party.
Your party will last for 2 hours in total. On arrival, you will be greeted by a party host – there maybe additional hosts who will take your party for the activity and party food. Party parent/s and guests will be taken to their VIP seating area to sit back and relax until the party is due to eat (please use this area, particularly during busy periods) Playtime for our parties will vary depending on the party option you have selected.
For example:
1) Playtime for our Baloo’s classic option one party will last for 75 minutes 2) Playtime for our Baloo’s Disco Bash party will last for 60 Minutes
After playtime, a party host will make an announcement to ask the children to gather in the adult seating area where everyone will be collected to move on to the next area.
Party food will consist of either a hot food option which includes fries or cold food option which includes mixed finger food, unless other arrangements are agreed with the Baloos team prior to the party.
• Hot food selection, Burger & fries, Hotdogs & fries or Nugget & Fries
• Cold food selection, Sandwiches – ham, jam, or cheese with a selection of buffet finger.
• Food for all parties, the announcement will be made to take the children to have their party food.
What must be done before the party
Outstanding balance for the party paid 7 days prior to the party. Final numbers confirmed 3 days before the party where numbers have increase & 7 days where numbers have reduced.
What to bring on the day of the party
Guest list – completed – so we can confirm all children invited on arrival Your birthday cake and candles (DO NOT bring knives into the facility please) Your party bags if applicable.
Socks must be worn at all times. It is recommended that children wear long sleeves and full length trousers, as the slides – particularly the racing slide – can cause friction burns. Polyester and nylon materials (tracksuits and football shirts) can be prone to burns and scorch marks.
Car Parking
There are several convenient carparks within a few minutes walking distant from the Baloo’s soft play venue.
Food Allergies
If any of your guests have food allergies, our kitchen can cater for that child. If there are dietary preferences, please let us know in advance of your party to allows us time to accommodate the childs food needs.
Baloo’s Private Hire
When booking a Baloo’s Private Hire party, we are happy to cater for adult food options, but these must be pre ordered at time of booking the party as the kitchen will be closed during your actual party event.
General Rules
A) Children should always be supervised by their parents or a responsible adult. It is advised to have one parent for every 5 children and for the younger guests – one parent for every 3 children Baloo’s ‘RULES OF PLAY’ apply at all times. These can be found on entry into the building or on our website Baloo’s will be open to the general public unless you have chosen the ‘Hire the Venue’ party or ‘Laser’ party (the general public will leave the building at the time the laser guns are in use). Please ask Reception for more details.
B) Please consider the privacy of other guests in the venue when taking photographs or filming your party.
C) Nearing completion of your party, a feedback form will be handed to you – your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
We hope you have an enjoyable party! if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us the following:
Tel: 01225 764753
Our company registration number 10307391
Thank-you from Team Baloo’s